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Research on Modernization and the Development of Women in China

Updated: 2023-11-20



Project Introduction:

Focusing on modernization and women's development in China, this project reviews and summarizes women's development in the process of promoting a Chinese path to modernization in the past decade, especially the achievements and progress in the fields of economy, politics, social security, cultural construction, and education. It summarizes Chinese experience and programs of women's development, aiming to explore its prospects in the next decade under the background of comprehensive construction of socialist modernization. This project also delves into specific measures to improve and innovate women's development, optimize the social support system, cultivate various types of female talents at all levels, and actively contribute to the future of women's development.

Project hosts:

Xue-Mei Ouyang (Institute of Contemporary China Studies)

Li Mulan (University of New South Wales)

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