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The Whole Process of People's Democracy and Its World Significance

Updated: 2023-11-20



Project Introduction: 

This project aims to present the background of democratic development in China and Chile, the historical process and basic political institutions of democratic development in both countries, the latest summary on democracy, and the global perspectives and future expectations of democracy. It intends to truthfully and clearly showcase China's democracy, the thorough democratic process involving the people, as well as Chile's democratic experience, along with the systems, traditions, and experiences of other non-Western countries. By addressing the overseas demand for understanding Chinese democracy and correcting any stereotypical impressions, it seeks to better tell the story of Chinese democracy and effectively promote the understanding of China's democratic values to the overseas world.

Project hosts: 

Chen Chengxin (Institute of Political Science, CASS)

Fernando Reyes Mata (University of Andres Bello, Chile)

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