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The New Journey of China's Economic and Social Development

Updated: 2024-03-21



Editors: Xie Fuzhan, Cai Fang, Li Xuesong

Publisher: China Social Sciences Press, Springer

Publication Time: 2023

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-9811979149

This book aims at China's economic and social development, which has embarked on a new journey. It collects more than 20 major research achievements of researchers in relevant fields of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. These topics cover rural revitalization and anti-poverty, industrialization and manufacturing transformation, service industry upgrading, fiscal and taxation system and fiscal sustainability, major financial reform, industry and competition policy, ownership structure, new pattern of opening up, digital economy, innovation driven, financial stability, macro-control, new urbanization, regional development, ecological environment, aging population, labor market, income distribution, social governance, people's livelihood, social security, the rule of law, cultural power, and other major issues. This book helps people from all walks of life better understand and grasp the new trends, opportunities, and challenges of China's economic and social development in thefuture and provides useful reference for thinking about China's medium and long-term development strategy and development path.

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