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China Studies Portal-WACS website boosts global academic exchange | Updated: 2024-04-09




The Forum on Global China Studies Research, hosted by the World Association for China Studies (WACS) and the Center for Promotion of Cultural Development, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), commenced in Beijing on April 8.

Over 60 domestic and international experts and scholars attended the event, engaging in profound discussions on China studies. During the forum, Zhao Zhimin, Secretary-General of the CASS, announced the launch of the bilingual website China Studies Portal-WACS.

This bilingual platform is structured into 10 primary sections, covering themes such as Thematic Areas about China, China in Focus, China's Regions and Localities, Research Resources, as well as China Studies Institutions and China Studies Experts.

The website aims to disseminate insights into Chinese history, culture and contemporary development from diverse perspectives including China's economy, politics, history, culture, social development, ecological civilization and the new type of international relations.

It also endeavors to foster global exchanges and cooperation in China studies, offering literary resources for Chinese and overseas scholars, while also enhancing academic exchanges and mutual learning.

The China Studies Portal-WACS website was initiated by the WACS, which was established in March 2022 as a nonprofit and non-governmental international organization.

The WACS is voluntarily formed by institutions, scholars and experts in China studies from around the world. It is committed to promoting exchanges and cooperation in China studies, facilitating cross-cultural exchanges and mutual learning, and providing a platform to advance China studies globally.

The CASS is responsible for the operation of the association.

Moving forward, China Studies Portal-WACS will continue to curate high-quality academic achievements in the field from both domestic and international sources, focusing on pertinent issues and facilitating the exchange of the latest academic insights.

It aims to enhance dialogue, cooperation and exchanges between China and the world. Readers are encouraged to visit the Chinese and English websites of China Studies Portal-WACS to actively contribute to the development and prosperity of China studies in the new era.

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